Where we came from

    Founded in 2007

    Original Spot Design Group was founded in 2007 by two designers who shared the same vision of the market.

    We started with a small team of two people and began with graphic production and logistic implementation in shop window decoration and were quickly recognized by customers and retailers through the quality of our work. About six years later we already had 15 employees, a number that has grown up to 50 and still continues to grow.

    The strategy began by identifying the lack of maintenance after implementation and offer the much needed follow up. Despite this insight we also continue to provide the usual services of storefronts decoration, plus added to our services more qualitative product design services in order to respond to the requests of customers for the execution of decoration with product design components. This allowed for greater quality control once it was produced internally.

    In this way, we gradually began to dominate all the areas necessary for the promotion of the point of sale. From temporary graphic decoration to permanent institutional furniture and more recently to the implementation of LED screens with digital animation, we offer a service that not only performs the requested maintenance but also produces, decorates and animates every element in the point of sale.

    We have combined creativity with the technical knowledge, rigor in production and implementation throughout the national territory and in 2013 we went across borders. Graphic production continues to be assured by us, maintaining the most demanding quality standards and the best cost-benefit ratio. Original Spot Design Group is present in the various phases of the project development process, performing after-sales services and providing continuous support for everything we have manufactured, always working with the best brands.

    In this way we have been reaffirming our position in the market, becoming increasingly a national reference of the commercial sector focused on services and infrastructures in the area of Perfumery and Cosmetics, in particular at the point of sale (Instore), caring greatly about the long-standing partnerships we have with our clients.

    The challenge
    is just the beginning