How we think

    Profound knowledge in making things happen

    For us every project is a unique challenge; every suggestion towards our customers is made after thorough research, while taking into consideration all the latest trends and approaches in smart design and construction. Our philosophy involves the reinforcement of a set of values, principles and organizational guidelines, as well as the encouragement of ethical behavior, aiming to guide the process of performance improvement.
    We provide our customers an integrated solution, by undertaking each project from its conceptual design to the final installation, aiming to achieve solutions that combine ergonomics, functionality and elegance, without sacrificing quality.
    Because, after all we are a multidisciplinary team with a profound knowledge in making things happen!

    It's a hands-on approach to learning, which it's primary inception regards into an interaction with the environment around us, learning and developing new construction techniques, analyzing and evaluating the behavior of materials, or even improving the design methodologies necessary for the elaboration of the requested projects.

    Original Spot Design Group presents itself with a wide range of services, thanks to the close collaboration between its 3 areas of action carried out by Spot Design, OSD Shopfitting and OSD Screen. From the customer's point of view it results in a 360º offer that starts at the conceptual stage, passing through production, implementation and all other demanding processes of coordination with the point of sale. In other words, the customer is faced with a very convenient turnkey service.

    Many times we are seen as a great action team, ready to tackle all the challenges proposed by our customers. The versatility, availability and preservation of our employees is clearly evident, demonstrated by the high quality of the work , by the demand for meeting the stipulated deadlines or even by the search for new solutions.

    We recognise the increasing importance of environmental sustainability to our community, to our clients and to the world, hence environmental sustainability is a part of our core vision. We already undertake some of the international environmental practices as part of the OSD GROUP annual quality assessment process, by outlining the benefits of pursuing environmental sustainability and by celebrating and sharing examples of best practice.

    The challenge
    is just the beginning